Looking for Springtime Fun In Nottingham?

onyxHello lovely readers!

Now we know it’s only March, but the sunshine got us thinking about all the different people who have visited our Beeston shop lately. Some of our visitors aren’t looking to make a major commitment to another person, spend thousands or treat their partner… that’s because they’re teenagers.

Yep, teenagers shop here too – of course, you already know this if you’re one of our regulars. See with the arrival of spring, many of us want to refresh our wardrobe and the accessories to match. After spring and summer, you’ve got the arrival of prom season which believe it or not is just as important for jewellers as it is for limo leasers.

What are we trying to say here? Well, just a friendly reminder that everyone is welcome in our shop, and we’ll always do our hardest to accommodate your jewellery needs!

In other news, we thought it would be nice to highlight some of the cultural events going on around Nottingham this season. Not sure we’re to look? Try these…

Know of any exciting family or cultural events coming up in the Beeston, Nottingham area this season? Let the Onyx Goldsmiths team know on Facebook and Twitter.

Off Peak Weddings – Why Not?

We wonder if Alanis Morissette ever realised it wasn't ironic?

We wonder if Alanis Morissette ever learnt what irony really means?

Well hello there, welcome back to the Onyx Goldsmiths blog!

As you have no doubt noticed, spring has finally arrived and the cobwebs of winter are finally being blown away. It’s been a wonderful couple of months for the Beeston team; spirits are high and the number of engagements we’ve witness recently has really taken us aback. If you’re a local Nottingham couple and want to ensure that your significant other gets the ring of their dreams, well, we’re always here to help.


18ct Gold Diamond Ring

Everybody knows that weddings aren’t cheap, and it’s unfortunate that so many couples choose to avoid their desired ceremony due to financial woes. Wedding season typically falls within the breezier, sunny months of April to September though venues will change to suit demand. With that said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the frugal route and planning your wedding for the off-peak season. Not only are you guaranteed to pay considerably less in venue and catering fees, but you’ll be free to choose from a greater variety of bookings. Venues are clucking for business in these quiet months.

Some people will be concerned about the little things of course, and rightly so. Flowers for example, the flora of your wedding are arguably just as important as the catering, presence of guests and a ring! The best way to tackle this is to choose flower types which are local to your wedding venue, and do extensive research (preferably with the help of a florist) into which blossoms are in season. If a certain flower isn’t in bloom, then you’ll have to import and this can be needlessly costly. Most florists will be more than happy to inform you of in season flora, and provide accordingly.

The key to an off-season wedding is very similar to an on-peak one; check the weather with a ruthless attention to detail, budget, and enjoy yourself. The benefits are there to be reaped, and the freedom of choice is yours.

Springtime Jewels – It’s Time to Flaunt!


9ct Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant

With the arrival of springtime, many of us are finally free to plan out our sunshine style before the season really kicks in. Fashion trends come and go, but thankfully you can always count on classic jewellery styles to retain their aesthetic relevance. Take a look at any popular fashion publication out there, and you’ll notice they are all printing similar predictions for what 2016 holds for us humble fashionistas.

The team at Onyx Goldsmiths remain confident that our illustrious range of jewellery offers the perfect trove of discovery this spring. With everything from precious gold and platinum to more affordable crafts of silver; we believe that no jewellery lover should ever be out-priced of their love for beauty and style.

Of course, March is the month of aquamarine – a beautifully rich gemstone that is both deep in colour and glacial in tone. As a symbol of “youth, health and hope”, it makes for the perfect stone to wear as we enter the brighter months of 2016. Tphoto_1651_20060608o explore Onyx Goldsmith’s current catalogue stock of aquamarine adorned jewellery, just click the word!

As we mentioned before, the press have been busy too, and we thought you might like to explore some of the articles we’ve stumbled across so far:-

It’s all well and good quoting and sourcing the fashion press, but what we’d really love to know is what you like to wear this time of year? What gemstones, metals and accessories bring out the best in you during spring?

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Surprise Someone Special, The Cheeky Way

photo_17373_20100401So you’ve found the perfect gift for your special someone but you’re still concerned… how are you going to present it?

There’s nothing particularly wrong with being old school and just handing them the gift out of nowhere, but hey, creativity in delivery can be just as exhilarating as the gift itself. The team at Onyx Goldsmiths put their heads together and had a wee think about the best ways we’ve ever received presents. We also had a poke around online to see how others get creative with their gift giving – so here are our favourites:

  • Fake Packaging

Misdirection is oh so fun, especially seeing your loved ones face drop when they realise you’ve (supposedly) bought them some cheap tat for their anniversary. That beautiful gold ring you bought? Bury it in the packaging of something deeply unappealing and see the disappointment turn to glee when they realise what you’ve done!

  • The Hunt

Not the preferred method for lazy gift givers as this will arguably take a little planning and creative flair on your half. A tried and tested method is to present an envelope with a clue in it that’ll lead the recipient to the next clue location before eventually revealing the location of the all important gift. Try and transpose sentimental moments from your relationship into the clues – it’ll go a long way.

  • The Unexpected Hidden Surprise
Good at music? Why not write a tune to direct them to your gift?

Good at music? Why not write a tune to direct them to your gift?

If your partner complains about how predictable or lazy you can be with things like this, maybe it’s time to go in the complete other direction. Know a place where your loved one checks every day but considers completely unknown to you? Maybe it’s time to give them a wee flutter of the heart.

  • The Curious Delivery

This could be delivered by your child, a friend, a goofy relative or anybody willing to do you a solid favour in aid of love and friendship. Is your partner expecting you to give them something special? Why not pretend that you forgot, or it was delayed… only to have the person they least expect present the gift for a wry moment of disbelief.

With those put forward, we’d absolutely love it if our followers and customers shared their favourite gift experiences. What do you prefer? Blunt presentation or a misleading, but ultimately exhilarating surprise? Let Onyx Goldsmiths know on Facebook and Twitter!

You are a jewel to behold!


Jewellery is not just a means of presenting ourselves, it is for making us feel proud of what we are and where we are in our lives.

Being beautiful is a matter of training and instinct, common sense and good manners – just as much as it is about the way you look. If, when you take that last fleeting peek in the hall mirror before you go out – and you see that you look just right – that is often the point when you allow yourself a few expectations. But beware! Your experience will tell you that other people have other things on their mind when they see you. They won’t always notice your new jewellery or new clothes straight away.

Instinct will tell you that when you arrive for your evening you will do your best to saunter in happily without any assumptions about who is there, what you look like, where you are in the pecking order of the day. Whatever you are wearing you will feel the flow of confidence because your escort/partner/husband/friend has already told you that the picture’s looking very well indeed. So you act out the picture and people notice; some might sit up and beg for your attention.

But if you have expectations, the inner sensor isn’t so sharp (“I know I look stunning in these earrings, for example. Or “this ring will knock ‘em dead”) so hopes may be dashed.

Jewellery doesn’t just point you out like a good painting, it can frame you in the party. It can place you at the table and it can see you through the dancing – whomsoever the partner might be. Because you match its quality.

Some people could wear and old scarf and a pair of cross-knit flared trousers and earrings of ring-pulls from ‘tinnies’, and get away with it beautifully. Most of us might have to work a bit harder. Jewellery not only helps; it is a statement of what we want to do, where we feel we are going, and who we are.

In other news – it’s CHRISTMAS! So have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at the Onyx Goldsmiths team in Beeston, Nottingham.

Seasonal Birthstones

tanzaniteHo, ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Forgive the naff intro but no, seriously – the team at Onyx Goldsmiths would truly like to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas. It’s been another phenomenal year for the Beeston team and we are eternally grateful for all the custom and support you have provided us throughout 2015. The shop has been exceptionally busy in recent weeks so please do bear with us as we work to accommodate all your orders.

As its December now, it only makes sense that we round off our ongoing documentation of birthstones. Like November, this month lays claim to different associative gemstones including Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise. This is particularly advantageous to those purchasing gifts for picky friends and family members. To help illustrate the history behind each stone we have sourced a pair of convenient YouTube videos which offer differing, yet relevant insight.





There appears to be little visual documentation of Zircon but further details can be read about here.

To explore our current stock of Turquoise and Tanzanite jewellery please click the relevant word.

We shall be back with another blog post before Christmas so be sure to check in!

We will also be updating Facebook and Twitter over the holiday season so feel free to engage as usual.

Topaz – November’s Birth Stone

topaz 4

White Gold Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

It’s become something of a trend for us in 2015 to provide a little commentary on the month’s corresponding birth stone – guess what? November’s birth stone is the beguiling pure gem – ‘Topaz’.

Onyx Goldsmiths stock a diverse selection of Topaz adorned jewellery with a particular focus on crystalline blue gems. Research tells us that topaz is a gem of conflicted origins with many confusing the primary November birthstone with Citrine which is considered secondary. Topaz was originally discovered on ‘Topazios’ (no easy guess where the gem got its name!), a small Mediterranean island which is now commonly known as St. John’s Island as part of Egypt.

Much like other birth stones, Topaz is said to bestow the wearer with an enriched sense of wisdom – an attribute embraced by historical figures of wealth such as the elite government and royalty who would often receive topaz in medieval times.

Here are some of our favourite Topaz jewels. These are largely blue Topaz which is a rare natural shade but can now be achieved through modern irradiation and safe heat treatment.

10ct Blue Topaz & Diamond Drop Earrings

topaz 1

9ct Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

topaz 2

9ct Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

topaz drop

To learn a little more about Topaz, this video is worth a watch though we’d recommend taking some of it with a pinch of salt!

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Is It Engagement Season?

Is there such thing as an engagement ‘season’?

Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day – all of these offer the perfect opportunity for infatuation, commitment and love to take the next step. The team at Onyx Goldsmiths aren’t quite convinced that there is a single season of engagement but we’d be lying if we said the run up to Christmas didn’t see a peak of romantic propositions.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook page this past month, you may have noticed a series of super cute pictures taken in store – here’s a hint, they all share a common theme. Take a look!

Mark & Alex

mark and alex

Richard & Christine

richard and christine

Christopher & Sonia


So, is Onyx Goldsmith’s the best place to engage in Beeston? We certainly have the most delightful and diverse range of engagement rings in the area – that we’re certain of.

engage ring 2ring silver

To discuss our rings please don’t hesitate to drop by for a chat (preferably without your partner!) and we’ll get everything sorted.

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Haunting Halloween Jewellery!


And just like that Halloween rears its ugly head for another year of tricks, treats and disposable tat. For 2015, the team at Onyx Goldsmiths figured we’d approach the devilish holiday with some much needed creative flair. Rather than opt for the cheap ‘scary’ costumes that litter the shelves of supermarkets and dress up shops each year, why not mix a little jewellery and make up to really shake things up?

To help inspire our readers we’ve taken to Pinterest and beyond to help compile some outstanding works of homemade Halloween horror!


Why pour fake blood over yourself or put up with naff make up paint when you can wear something as awesome as this?

skeleton bracelet

This could probably be used outside of Halloween as a kind of punk style accessory… very cool indeed!

green fingers

Fancy dangling a pair of zombie fingers from your ears? No problem, Etsy has got you covered.

vampire blood

Proudly display the blood of your pray with a cute vampire blood vial.


Those who suffer with arachnophobia beware!

We’d love for our readers to share some of their Halloween accessory ideas with the Onyx Goldsmiths Beeston team over on Facebook and Twitter.

Is 3D Printing The Future of Jewellery?


You may have heard about the intuitive technology behind ‘3D Printing’? The press hasn’t always been particularly kind about this creative feat thanks to fears that users will use it to craft objects of violence. Of course, mankind has always feared that which it does not fully understand so the jury is still out on whether 3D Printing is set to poise a common threat (it probably won’t!). Still, if you fancy yourself a 3D printing machine you may have to fork out a hefty few grand anyway so it’s not exactly pedestrian friendly just yet.

Anyway, where are we going with this? Right, there’s something of a divide in the jewellery world at the moment as artists debate the cultural value of 3D/CAD printed jewellery. If a popular jewellery manufacturer decided to transfer their talents to the craft of 3D Printing, would you feel this cheapened their produce or is it only the end result that matters? To better understand the technology behind this, give this short video by Mashable a watch below…

Chanel for example is one of the high profile brands known to publicly acknowledge their dabbling with the tech for minimal design assistance. This was further clarified by the company’s purchasing and development director Georges Amer who explained “We encourage the development of the best traditional jewellery-making skills by asking our craftsmen to be able to create a piece entirely by hand.”

On the other hand, other manufacturers such as the London based Graff now operates with two 3D printers to help his talented team in perfecting the details of their jewellery. In a recent Telegraph article, there are excerpts wherein Mr Raymond Graff speaks with great enthusiasm about the technology and how he had to speak his employees around to its benefits: – “They said, ‘The machine is going to take our jobs,’ and I said, ‘Not at all, it’s going to help you’. Six months later I had to go and buy another one. That’s technology for you. If you don’t move with it, you get left behind.”

Where do you stand on 3D Printing? Let the Onyx Goldsmiths team know on Facebook and Twitter.